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most women in business don't know how to talk
about what they do, sadly many don't make it

so I built a framework that simplifies the process
of nailing a clear, well resolved message, to build your brand and
create powerful marketing, so you will make it


the transformational brand system
is a proven solution to the struggle women face
when talking about their business–

a communication framework
for the language that sells

"Stop everything you are doing right now and just do this.

I wish I had connected with Heera much earlier. I can now take the business to where it deserves to go."

– Alicia


I’m Heera, I have built a simple system so you can resolve your message so your customers will see you!I have seen so many big businesses use these techniques, and I want to see these skills in the hands of people who should be leading, you! You need a brand that will make you money, the loop of failure has to end, this is how to do it.

The greatest threat to your business is not competition
or the economy or even taxation – it is poor communication –
or simply put: confusion.

Add to that digital marketing where everything gets a microphone,
and now we have a lot of noise.

Building a brand that will make you money

Get resolved with this video

The biggest threat to your business is confusion, saying things your customers aren’t interested in. I built a simple system so you don’t blast your customers with irrelevant details and throw your hard-earned dollars at marketing that doesn’t work.

I teach you how to master this systemin a transformational course called A Brand That Will Make You Money...

If you have been wounded by heartless marketing schemes,
are losing money, and you’re not sure how long
you can go on I’ll help you resolve your message,
build a breakthrough brand, so you can grow
your business beyond expectations and become
the leader you deserve to be, oh and make money...

If you struggle to:

answer simply what it is you do
say how you help people
have marketing that pops
get new customers
make a profit
see how branding can be simple and fun...

whether you are a dentist, a nail technician, or a personal trainer
you will confidently talk about your business
in a way that engages and converts easily

because you have a simple system that provides
insights into your audiences motivations and desires

Imagine what it will feel like to:

engagingly speak your customers language
present on a stage or launch an offer and confidently know you’ll get a YES!
inspire people to follow your brand
monetize your message
communicate your lifetime value (charge premium prices)
have devoted followers
be recognized as a leader in your field
have a clear plan and SIMPLICITY.

a communication framework for the language that sells


People trust the transformational brand system built by an
award winning designer and communication researcher.


I have taught this system for years,
You don’t have to sit and get a design degree
I will teach you the simple steps
and we will build your transformational brand.