customer transforming brands

Using a reliable psychology based system for branding we’ll step you through the essentials to building a world defining brand.

Too many brand agencies focus on your brand. You read that right. While this may seem logical, it isn’t.

We focus on your customer for a world class brand that will position you as category defining not as a follower.

The approach we’ll teach you to master and keep in your hands, is based on the principles leading brands use to dominate their markets.

Until now there has not been a system for branding and certainly not one based on emerging customer spaces. There is now.

In the post pandemic jockeying for brand position and relevant strategy, it is crucial we ask core questions to get this right and place you ahead at the finish line.

We are here to help.


With over 25 years experience teaching, researching and designing brands you are safe in our hands. We help you get the answers you need in the shortest time for lasting impact.

As the founder of Brand Tomorrow Heera’s background has taken her from designing to teaching to researching and lecturing at the highest level to some of the most creative minds on the plant at Benettons FABRICA.

In 2015 Heera graduated with a fresh research degree from RMIT and was in the mood for change.

While in discussions with a leading global brand agency on her research and how it could impact the future of branding Heera identified skyrocketing costs as a serious barrier to the development of branding and its social capacity in emerging customer landscapes.


Heera built Brand Tomorrow to make this approach accessible and achievable to those enterprises that cannot access those kind of agencies but are hungry for change.

Brand Tomorrow aims to extend the reach of this research based approach at the leading edge of branding and teach leaders how to unlock their brands.

The approach is founded on developing your psychological code, like those that underpin the largest brands in the world, so you can be recognised as a world defining brand.

Your customers expect no less.

Be well positioned in the emerging social and cultural landscapes your customers are moving into with a customer transforming brand.

Core Brand Strategy
Brand Coding
Brand Futures
Brand Positioning
Brand Development
Brand Articulation
Brand Coaching


Alix O’Hara​ Founder – Mashblocks​

“Heera is a branding genius, I can not recommend her highly enough.”

Michelle Jaggard-Lai​

“Brilliant! You managed to encapsulate my brand. It was brilliant!”

Janelle Arnold​ – CEO – Reclaim Health

“Using the Customer focused brand narrative we developed, I noticed my team really sit up and listen. This meant I could hand over so many more tasks to the team knowing they knew our brand. They knew where they fitted in and how to deliver – on brand.

This had not been my experience as part of two large health organisations rebranding process in the past. These were met with resistance and uncertainty.

Not only did our staff know their position in our customer’s journey but using our brand narrative and key tools we were able to smoothly support customers through our programs with little or no disruption. It really resonated with them.

This has been a great success.” 

Sharlene Cohen ​- Surety Property

“I am getting great responses to our new logo and brand material. People really see themselves in it.”

Anita Lijobic – Hope for the Future

“Once we untangled our brand we were able to see our customer embrace it. Then they were able to become part of the change.”

Our post pandemic world has your customers asking not so much what do I get as what do I make with my choices and how do those choices define who I am now?

Your customers are in the mood for real change.

We’ll help you deliver with a customer transforming brand.

There has been no more crucial time to be a transformational brand than now.