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Conversations make for relevant brands that unlock the power of connection.

We’d like you to be part of the conversation.

What follows are snippets from real conversations and questions that often come up, be it interviews, panels, or general lively banter with people who are keen to improve their brand.

We don’t claim to have all the answers but believe that in dialogue and sharing of ideas with you we might build fearlessly towards tomorrows that put a smile on your face.

It might sound like a dumb question but it isn’t.

What you will find in this innocent enough step to knowledge (usually on the internet) is often the step that brings you undone. Generally the internet is loaded to tell you definition A below.

So what is branding?

Definition A: A tool of marketing.

Dig a little deeper and you will find definition B.

Definition B: A tool of culture.

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These vary from individual to individual or business to business but we have seen a shift away from ‘what do I get’ to ‘what difference can I make’ with my purchasing decisions.

There is greater scrutiny in the decisions people are making and what impact that has both environmentally and socially.

We think brand strategy Australia particularly has the potential to address the issues raised in ways other services cannot.

The most immediate driver in last few years has been the global pandemic, but in many ways this has magnified or intensified the changes that were already taking place.

Weather, be in flooding rain, drought or heat waves is bringing into focus the reality of climate change.

Questions are being raised and new solutions and approaches are being fostered in brand strategy consulting agency is something that contributes to those solutions and innovations.

It is a role we take seriously.

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Your customer may want to know why you are different, but they are more interested in knowing why you are relevant in a crowded market. Difference has a lower value than relevance.

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Let me have a go at that one: a system of communication translated into a short form. Sometimes called the brand DNA. Best when distilled from strong values and beliefs.

We work in a unique configuration of advisory, education, collaboration and brand coaching ultimately determining the best mix to deliver on each partnership.

Brand strategies are what make the difference to your brand. A well positioned and insightful brand strategy all wrapped up in your own unique brand guide is invaluable to you.

Without one you are flying blind or if I can use the saying, flying by the seat of your pants.

Without knowing why you matter and how to articulate this you are investing in your brand with no real structure or framework.

Brand strategy comprises communication strategies and cultural strategies.

Tectonic culture shifts, minute and monumental, context development that produce changes in customer spaces shaping their expectations are something you need your finger on.

These culture based strategic insights address the sticky human truths that drive behaviour.

Ultimately this work culminates in a Brand User’s Guide that articulates why you matter and why you are highly relevant in both words and images.

We also act as advisors, educators, collaborators and experienced guide coaches, ultimately determining the best services for each partnership.

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No, well sort of!

We develop the ground work so it is easier and clearer when you do get to building your assets.

So yes colours, that is part of your mood board and brand guide.

But typefaces and logos is where a style guide comes in and we can recommend a good fit for that, the right design agency or marketing agency or web designer.

We have those partnerships in place to make it smooth for you to get that done.

We provide on-going coaching and tools to roll out all your brand assets and co-ordinate each part, if you wish.

The components (assets) are the articulation or expression of the brand. We sort out the soul so the articulation is a lot simpler and often cheaper with more focused results.

Sometimes you want to move fast and sometimes you want to move slow. Anywhere from 6 weeks to 1 year+ depending on what you need.

As soon as you start implementing your brand strategy, with its embedded mechanisms, you will see change. Our clients have reported instant success.

Of course how quickly you implement it and what resources you have to market your brand is a case by case conversation.

Brands are for the short term and for the long haul as you build your connection with your people. The more you invest in them the more they invest in you.

Brand guides and digital tools are great but having a person by your side – your very own brand coaching – allows the full potential of your brand to be realised. We work with individuals or teams to see your brand reach its full potential.


Generally small to medium and then the global pandemic shook up things and we found larger organisations looking to reposition with social and environmental value in mind.

In short, no. We have worked with brands two years before they begin. Having said that, it can be hard to allocate brand strategy dollars at start up.

But every minute and every hour you do will pay off in terms of every other business decision you will be making.

This answer is going to annoy you! We work with business who’s customers are people.

The drivers of human behaviour are not industry specific, they’re pretty universal we find.

So all types.

For so many wonderful reasons but let’s cut to the stats. for the short version.

New approaches with a new brand strategy consulting agency.

The problem.

78% of Consumers are not loyal to any particular brands.
95% of decisions about brands are made subconsciously.

The solution.

So we have a clear mandate here to use psychology based narratives to increase customer connection to a brand.

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If you’re ready to become a customer-transforming brand that sets the change agenda instead of chasing it, and generally becoming a force for good, let’s talk.

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