Course 5: Not Just A Logo Plus


A jammed packed five-module expert video coaching program with high level insights, tools and training to boost your business into a bright digital future.

So glad to see you ready to upgrade to premium your benchmark brand system for more clarity and better results. Here is the plan.

Walk with an expert through the highest level video coaching available on the Transformational Engagement Code™.

Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls and discover the tips that will ensure this system makes all the difference to your business leaving you on top.

What you get

Everything you love about Not Just A Logo PLUS+ expert video coaching and block busting tips to build your business and make a greater difference.

Learn from the experience of an expert who has walked this path with women just like you hundreds of times to make your brand building smoother, easier and more effective.

Program essentials

5 modules, including a step by step review of each SIX NARRATIVE ELEMENT.

Make it better! Learn how to improve your benchmark Transformational Branding System™ with Not Just A Logo PLUS+.

Get 25 yrs+ designing brands and years educating the best in the world in these effective worksheets to help you action all that you are learning.

You will have your 6 part Transformational Brand System for ever. Get the performance enhancing PLUS+ coaching to nail your message for a lifetime

Learn how to deal with any blocks with confidence.

​Understand how your Transformational Brand System™ can be boosted to effect ALL YOUR BUSINESS.

PLUS+ is all the years of coaching some of the best designers in the world put into easy to use  VIDEO COACHING and carefully designed downloads to get you results.

Expert insights and BLOCKBUSTER TIPS to get you back on track and nailing your message.

Module by Module

  • MODULE ONE - Introduction and Foundation

    Get settled and ready to get the most out of the program. Then we cover:

  • MODULE TWO - Transformational Brand System Elements 1, 2 and 3

    Learn how to .

  • MODULE THREE - Transformational Brand System Elements 4, 5 and 6

    We build out.

  • MODULE FOUR - Bringing It All Together

    • Applying your 
    • Making sure you have all the support you need.

  • MODULE FIVE - Bringing It All Together

    • Applying your 
    • Making sure you have all the support you need.


    Brand Tomorrow is committed to you having everything you need to transform your brand and your business. In your bonus module learn how to use your TBS™ for effective LEAD MAGNETS and SALES FUNNELS.

Be part of the growing community of women who make a real difference.

Not Just A Logo PLUS+ bridges the marketing gap - avoid the endless marketing traps for affordable marketing and committed customers.

Ready to build your bright digital future with PLUS+ today?

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