Course 4: Not Just A Logo

Not Just A Logo - Building A Transformational Brand

Not Just a Logo is a high-level video coaching program to help you transform your business. Did you know that there are six subconscious questions customers need to be answered to say "yes" to an offer? Not Just A Logo teaches you how to build a brand narrative that will answer those six questions.

Poise your business for growth through the ‘Building A Transformational Brand’ system’.

Here is the plan.

  • Resolve your message
  • Build a Transformational Brand
  • Grow your business

Talking about what you do is one of the most essential elements of your business.

Our goal with Not Just A Logo is to get you a message that makes sense to your customers - fast. This is what will make you the obvious choice for them. We use our Transformational Brand System (TBS) to do this. (You'll love it, we promise!)

Clarity converts.

Are you ready to revolutionise the way you talk about what you do?

What you get

A reliable communication system to drive your marketing, sales and automations. In other words, a system to make things more efficient and cost-effective for you.
Training delivered via high-level coaching video. This is lifetime value, based on 25 years of experience designing and educating some of the best in the world.
A 6 part system, built step by step. This system uses age-old principles and will last as long as your brand.
Watch the expert training and then use the worksheets, checklists and tips to transform your brand.

Program essentials

4 x Not Just A Logo - Build A Transformational Brand Modules with lifetime access.

Your own unique six-part narrative based Transformational Brand System. This is a benchmark, lifetime communication system.

14 x unique downloads that pave the way to clarity for you and provide practical tools to get it done.

Our system is based on human behaviour patterns. Understanding your brand from through behaviour systems so that customers:
  • "Get" your brand - quickly!
  • Gravitate to it and take an action
  • Are willing to pay well for it.

Module by Module

  • MODULE ONE - Introduction and Foundation

    What is storytelling and why does it matter for your brand?  We look at your transformational brand strategy and how to use it to build out your narrative.

  • MODULE TWO - Transformational Brand System Elements 1, 2 and 3

    Learn how to build out your first three narrative elements. These answer the first 3 subconscious questions your customers have.

  • MODULE THREE - Transformational Brand System Elements 4, 5 and 6

    Build out your second three narrative elements to complete your Transformational Brand System. These answer the final 3 subconscious questions.

  • MODULE FOUR - Bringing It All Together

    The final module will look at how to use your Transformational Branding System. In other words, how to get outstanding results for your logo and website.


    Interested in how to get outstanding logos and websites using your Transformational Brand System? This bonus module takes you through it step by step.

Let's take this next step together.

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