Course 3: How To Build A Stand Apart Brand

Build A Stand Apart Brand

Personally designed video coaching program for passionate business women ready to stand apart.

At last, a get to the crunch, high level video coaching program to make it easier for your customers to choose you online. Are you ready to stand apart and lead your market?

What you get

Learn the crucial difference between branding and marketing

​Understand how you can market yourself without spending a fortune

How to communicate your brand so your audience 'get it', gravitate to it and pay well for it.

Program essentials

3 expert video coaching lessons so you end the time wasting and confusion.

4 Expert downloadable worksheets with carefully designed diagrams to make a difference.

Carefully designed illustrations to move you to clarity with ease.

Facebook Group Empowered Women Creating Awe-Inspiring Brands for ongoing support and feedback.

Break It Down

  • Jam packed lessons from a genuine expert in the field.
    Finally know how to talk about what you do so...

    • Your customers get it...
    • They gravitate to you and take decisive action...
    • They are willing to pay well for it... 
  • Understand the crucial difference between branding and marketing so you avoid the endless marketing traps.

  • Get 25 yrs+ designing brands and years educating the best in the world in these effective worksheets to help you action all that you are learning. 

  • I'll also add you to the Facebook Group Empowered Women where you can access support and additional trainings. 

  • Designing, teaching and research expertise in your corner so you can make the greatest difference in 3 expert lessons on branding - don't let size fool you - these lessons are a 'game changer!'

  • Understand the vital difference between branding and marketing so you can have a stand apart brand instead of making NOISE.

  • Affordable marketing that avoids the traps of endless and fruitless repetition and makes it easier for your customers to choose you!

Ready to cut to the crunch with expert support?

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