Course 1: Building a Brand - Transformational Brand

Building A Transformational Brand

A six-week coaching program to transform your business

So glad to see you here and ready to hit the go fast button with personal support. Here is the plan.

This program is designed so you experience the profound shift this code will make in your business, close the marketing gap and inspire loyal customers with personal attention to your progress and an expert at your side. 

Your business will poised for growth with all the framework to realise your goals.

Using the Transformational Brand System, based on the Transformational Engagement Code™ you will revolutionize how you talk about what you do and it will also transform how you do business.

What you get

Exclusive knowledge which is a combination of 25 years of designing and educating some of the best in the world to bring you the essentials for a brand that connects and coverts.

We build out your Transformational Engagement Code™ and your unique six-part Transformational Brand System together for lifetime value.

You get a reliable communication system to drive your marketing, sales and automation platforms efficiently and cost effectively. 

Outcome based tasks, carefully designed to fast track a sophisticated brand process previously only available to large players in the market, ensure solid results.

This will take you from the land of confusion to a place where your customer will believe in what your uniqueness is and pay well for it.

Program essentials

You complete your weekly module task and then we meet together in a 90 min Live Call on Thursdays at 10.30 – 12.00 (AEST) in a small group coaching call (available on replay) with hand picked women just like you who are ready to lead.

7 x Building a Transformational Brand Modules with lifetime access

6 x Small Group Q&A Coaching Calls - 90 min

Outcome based tasks carefully designed with education expertise.

Your unique Transformational Engagement Code™ - not available in any other program.

Your own unique six part narrative based Transformational Brand System - a bench mark, lifetime communication system.

A Full 90 min replay of Live Calls so you don’t miss thing.

Practical tools

• Transformational One Liner

• Transformational Brand Guide

• Great Creative Brief

• Visual Mood Board 

Week by week


    We build out your Relevance Filter, identifying the one thing your customers need to hear first.


    We identify your own Transformational Engagement Code™ for your brand.


    We build out your first three narrative elements, based on your TEC, that answer the subconscious questions your customers have.


    We build out your second three narrative elements to complete your Transformational Brand System.


    This week it is time for practical tools to get it done. We create your Brand Guide, Visual Mood Board and Creative Brief to ensure your brand is consistent and your creative professionals are on brief every time. 


    It is time to apply your communication system to your marketing. We begin with website, email nurtures and ad targeting.


    This module, although it does not have a live coaching component, is in fact ready to take it to the next level. Transformational Identities is a deeper understanding of the power of your brand to.

  • PLUS

    Private Facebook Group Women Who Make A Real Difference only for women who know the Transformational Brand System for ongoing support and feedback. 

Make a time to see if you qualify.

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