Choreo and Comps

Choreo and Comps

Hello world,

On Friday, my thesis draft (comps) was due! I turned it in, met with my adviser, and we agreed that I needed to further organize some of my major themes and add on to my literature review. But, I’m in a good place with my abstract (it’s just missing one more sentence summarizing my findings):

Fashion, like food, is inherently cultural. In the symbolically rich locale of New York—the American hub of haute couture—what is palatable, trendy, and ‘in’ is constantly reconfigured. Production, content write my nursing essay creation, and modeling all serve as sites of ethno-racial construction. In this world, a simple casting serves as a real-time negotiation of identity. Far from straightforward, each advert, runway, editorial, and professional inhabits the culture of fashion. Where is Chineseness situated in this complex realm? Where dominant authorities openly endorse diversity and inclusivity, and designers embrace globalization and fusion, this essay complicates the fashion landscape by tracing the intersections of ethnicity, aesthetic, and authenticity.

I still need to interpret all of my data and figure out what exactly I’m proposing, but I feel confident about my data.

In addition to comps, I’ve also been working on a choreographed response to the dance performance my class watched a couple weekends ago. We saw Ligia Lewis’s “Water Will” at the Walker, and I created an experimental film to Banks’s “Poltergeist.” The imagery was informed by my memory of “Water Will,” water gliders, Chimei Museum’s “Beyond the Shadows” exhibition, and “With a Petroleum Coating” by Trace Peterson. Catch a few frames from the 2-minute video here:

How are you moving and feeling in your body this week?

Stay warm,


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