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Building A Brand
That Will Make You Money

So glad to see you here.

With the skills you will learn and the profound shift you will experience in Brands That Will Make You Money your business will grow rapidly.

Using the Transformational Brand System you will revolutionize how you talk about what you do and it will also transform how you do business as well.

I am here in your corner to get this message nailed, and build a transformational brand that will make you money.

Who is this for?



Start Ups

Nail Technicians

Established Businesses


Fitness Instructors

Food Industry

Personal Brands

And more…


  • #1

    This kind of business needs a huge budget and big marketing teams

  • #2

    I will have to wait years to have a great brand

What makes this different from other projects?

  • A

    World Class

    Experience is everything! Benefit from the depth of experience and knowledge knowing you are at the leading edge of branding expertise.

  • B


    Relax knowing you are not doing this on your own. You’ll be part of a community of entrepreneurs developing their business and creating break through brands.

  • C

    Personal Touch

    Highly skilled coaching techniques and personalized advice. Gain insight and motivation with committed coaching advice gained from years of experience. We are committed to you and your happiness and success.

  • D

    It's About Care

    Trust and relationships matter here. You will be treated with respect and care when you deal with us. Questions will be answered promptly and with understanding.

  • E


    Staying motivated can be hard on your own. We all need that reward when we work hard. Accountability partners keep you motivated and focused to reach your vision.

  • F

    Money Back Guarantee

    As you see Brands That Will Make You Money is great value but you need to know your investment is safe! 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you follow the advice and complete each weeks tasks and you are not happy with the results, if you think it does not add value to your business we will refund your money. Simple.

What you said...

Ricci-Jane Adams

Do it, and do it now. Work with this woman!

This is a leap into getting to know your own business, but also your own soul and your own identity at a much deeper level. If you want to get clearer on your purpose, get clearer on who you are serving and why you are serving them, and to truly capture the deeper meaning of your offer then this is the process you want to be part of.

Kristie Hayden

I never thought doing branding work could possibly be fun.

My brain would melt when someone talked to me about it, but this was so much fun. There was laughter, and through that the brand made itself.

Alicia Weir

Stop everything you are doing right now and just do this project!

I was frustrated and unclear about what my brand should be. Now I am excited, crystal clear about how I want my audience to see me, about what my business represents and what my audience wants and I know exactly where my business is heading.

This has made all the difference for me, I am so excited about my business!


What you get.

Stuck to Inspired! in 6 weeks

  • 1

    Personalised Attention With Heera

    Get inspired by personalised time with Heera, with 6 weekly intimate small (strictly no larger than 10 people) group sessions working on your brand together.

    6 x 90-min. weekly sessions.

    After working through each module these 90 minute sessions are quality time designed to resolve your questions personally with Heera. You’ll:

    • Transform your brand and your business
    • Resolve your message so you can be seen by more customers
    • Build a breakthrough brand that leads in your sector
    • Build out marketing that converts
    • Gain insights into audience motivation and mindsets
    • Align your genius zone with your audience’s needs in a clear story
    • Master the Transformational Brand System and speak the language that sells
    • Create a narrative based road map for your customers to follow to your door
    • Create a unique name or tag line for your business that sets you apart
    • Craft your brand look and know how to articulate your message visually
    • Craft a unique brand guide that will convert customers more easily. 
  • 2

    Life Time Access to Building A Brand That Will Make You Money

    You have life-time access to Building a Brand That Will Make You Money to freshen and sharpen your brand ninja skills when ever you require!

  • 4

    Get Unstuck Emergency Call

    One emergency call for when %&$# happens and you need help getting moving again.

  • 5

    Beyond Doubt Q&A

    Get your message resolved with the weekly live 90 min Q&A calls. You are not alone, I am here with you to get you clarity, confidence and a brand that will make you money. You have the support of other women in these calls too so you will have the support to get this done!

  • 6

    Learn The Language That Sells

    Learn how to attract a dedicated tribe of customers who know, like and trust you. Once you have learnt his code your customers will come to you! Selling is not ‘icky’ when you know the way your customers work. The Building a Brand That Will Make You Money helps you find the keys!

  • 7


    You’ll receive the Big Love accountability emails to keep you inspired and on-track. You’ll also receive an accountability partner.

  • 8

    Transformational Brand System

    You will learn the unique Transformational Brand System. Fast track your business success with this system, developed from trial and error and condensed into a transferable step by step process so you don’t have to guess!

  • 9

    3 Secret Steps to a Break Through Brand

    Learn the 3 secret steps you need to take to be a leader in your field. Learn how to create a tribe of customers look to you as the leader in the filed. This is the secret to retention and community in your business.

  • 10

    A Great Creative Brief

    Select a creative brief you want from designer, photographer, copywriter web designer, stylist etc. A creative professional is only as good as their brief.

  • 11

    The Insiders.

    Private Facebook Group of empowered women and purposeful entrepreneurs with a mission to make change happen.

  • 12

    Money Back Guarantee

    As you see Building a Brand That Will Make You Money is great value but you need to know your investment is safe! 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you follow the advice and complete each weeks tasks and you are not happy with the results, if you think it does not add value to your business we will refund your money. Simple.


  • 13

    Fall in Love with Branding Guide

    You won’t be able to help falling in love with branding when you read this terminology guide. It takes away all the mystery and lays it out in all its magnificence. At the heart of this guide is a love for one of the most powerful tools of our time - Brands!

  • 14

    Brand That Aren’t Stuck! Black Book

    This book is my personal team of creatives that will keep your message resolved and more customers seeing you so you can grow your business.


This project represents extraordinary value for your business.

If bought individually these offers would cost you a whole lot more than $2,997!

Building a Brand That Will Make You Money

  • Brand Blueprint Strategy Session
  • Lifetime access to Building a Brand That Will Make You Money modules
  • 6 Live Weekly Small Group Q&A Calls
  • Accountability Partner
  • Private Facebook Group The Insiders
  • Book: Building a Transformational Brand
  • Branding Terminology Guide
  • Great Creative Brief
  • Accountability Emails
  • 1 Get Unstuck! Emergency Call 15 min.


Ask yourself how much unclear messaging is costing you.

How many customers are bouncing off your web site and going to your competitors because they simply don’t know how you can help them?

How many of your live events are half empty because people don’t know why they should be there?

How many of your employees can say how you improve your customers lives?

How many places could be booked in your course if you people knew why they should book?

An unresolved message may be costing you a fortune.