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That Oh So Useful and a Bit Scary Question: How Else Can This be Done?

I urge businesses to ask this question often: how else can this be done?

It is not an easy thing to do and a sense of humour is a good asset.

It is a great tool to shift things into the unconventional and often more useful realm.

But I wanted you to know that I don’t just suggest you do that without any notion of how hard that can be.

Over the years I have notice we like to talk about change, as long as there is no cost.

I know what it takes to ask the big questions.

Some twenty years ago I became concerned with the lack of what was being done about climate change.

If I was to be honest, I had to ask what my profession had to contribute to the changes in climate we were facing, no, I had to ask what was I doing?

To explore what I could do in my my own practice I under took a research degree to ‘remake’ what I did, how I ran my business, was it was aligned with social and environmental change?

I saw what I did as a communication designer as possessing a series of tools that could be used to effect change, social and environmental change even – rather than keep things the same which is what seemed to be taking up a lot of my time 20 years ago.

Doing a practiced base research degree was a great opportunity to step away from the demands of running a business and ask: how else can I do this?

It allowed me to dig deeply and examine what it was that caused us to cling to conventional ways of doing things and what did it take for us to change?

What were the cultural, psychological and philosophical influences that kept us doing things way even after it no longer fell into the ‘good idea’ basket?

I came from a design tradition with deep roots in social equity. We believed good design was about building a better world for everyone.

A world that gave ‘birth’ to Benetton and the social change campaigns of the 80’s and 90’s.

I needed to reconnect to those roots. 

It took more years than I had planned and was less than an *easy process* but Brand Tomorrow was born from that very question: How else can this be done?

I am glad I did.