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Seeding Change – Generative Brands and New Possibilities.

In my last post I talked about deflating sustainability.

Sometimes there are terms we cling to that no longer serve the purpose they once did.

So what should we be focusing on?

Today I want to touch on some exciting developments on precisely that front. 

Generative practice has been building momentum somewhere off shore for a few years now but it is starting to be recognised more broadly.

How we think about climate change, and how we talk about it is framed by the words we use and the stories embedded in those words or word sequences.

So I think it is important to choose words carefully. To bring consciousness to the stories we tell.

Generating something rather than not damaging is a concept gaining weight.

That lies at the heart of generative brands. Increased awareness about what potential a brand has to bring about better ways of doing things that leave our planet in a state of enrichment and abundance.

Stuff like that.

I left off the last post with this questions: Can we move towards generating something with our brands?

We are seeing exciting things happen with regenerative agriculture as we shift from the way it was done to how it could be done (and sometimes back to how it was done long ago).

But can we move towards generative brands?

Generative brands make things better, not just less worse. Brands that integrate with their environment socially and environmentally, to make real impact? Brands that seed change.

It takes people that are willing to ask questions and explore new possibilities, but I am not going to shy away from how badly we need new possibilities? Are You?

Increasingly people are asking for more from the businesses they deal with. More accountability, more social awareness, better environmentally policies and better awareness generally.

Making it better, making generative brands sounds like something worth considering.