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What is the Future of Branding in a Post Pandemic Landscape?

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If the Cannon-Brookes backed Who Gives A Crap is donating 50% of its profits to humanitarian work what can your brand contribute to social equity or social wealth?

It is a question pressing your customers. It is a question that presses all of us as business owners. It is something that keeps me awake at night.

Moving forward post pandemic there are some big questions on the table and this one is an area I am really passionate about. Branding insights are like gold right now!

I’d like you to join me in being part of that conversation – and you may well be already!

Brand Tomorrow Blogs are committed to giving you the tools to answered the big questions.

There is a growing sense your customers are looking for leadership or even clues for how to move forward.

How can your customers make decisions that are more meaningful? How can they make decisions around their purchases and around the services they engage with with add to a sense of belonging?

In times of upheaval these question dominate our thoughts and of course your customers too.

Your customers are wanting to make decisions that are more conscious of the world around them – and not just the impact on the environment. Maybe in that really practical and immediately obvious way COVID forced us to become conscious of our actions in relation to the people around us.

COVID certainly didn’t invent this notion but it magnified it, bringing it into our conscious minds in a way it had not been before.

My brand or my or organisation contributing 1% of our profits is an out dated way to address these questions. Do you think that is sufficient?

That’s important of course, but that idea really came about in the early stages of awareness around the social and environmental responsibility of an organisation.

Our customers expect more than that. Customers are increasingly understanding the power of their decision making to impact the world around them.

The market is ready for a more sophisticated response from your brand.

I think there is an enormous opportunity to reverse some of the rather alarming figures around brand loyalty. We are told something like 85% of people are not loyal to a brand.

That tells us something about what is not being delivered by those brands.

What is missing? What are our customers looking for for now?

Who Gives A Crap is banking on those emerging customer expectations. The expectations, the hunger in the customer space, is for real change.

Are we going to answer that call and address those core questions about how our brand connects with customers? Or are we going to address those changing expectations in a superficial way and head back to how we branded pre-pandemic?

We’re aiming to support the move forward with brand strategy insights, embedded throughout the Brand Tomorrow Blogs, that support the pressing questions your customers need answered and we’d love your input.

Let’s have those conversations and ask those questions to move forward in a genuine way with our customers.

If your brand leads your organisation and is at the coal face or the interface with your customers and it establishes so much of that relationship, the culture and the expectation of the agreement with your customer, then how is your brand answering some of those questions?

Right now we have a wonderful opportunity to bravely address those questions as we have bravely addressed so many issues over the last couple of years. Brand strategy insights are a good way to make the most of those opportunities.

We need brands that give a crap. Your customers are seeking brands just like that.

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