A Win For Humanity – Bringing Consciousness to the Stories we Tell.

Here in Victoria there has been a significant win for humanity. Yep humanity. The government has withdrawn from logging in the Central Victorian Highlands years before they had scheduled. It was an unexpected development and put a huge smile on my face. Such a great news story.  It is a true cause for celebration, not […]

Making You. The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

We know we use our designed environment, including brands, to figure out what we think is important and tell the world what matters to us and even who we are. From the suburb you choose to live in right through to the car/bike you drive, the clothes you choose and the products you buy you […]

Finding a Fresh Way into Reality.

Can brands offer a new way into reality? You are still trying to find the other sock and were not quite ready for that question, were you? I hear you! Reality is something we hope doesn’t shift too much or it could make us all dizzy. Most of us don’t think about it much at […]

Mobilising the Capacity to Act.

People are increasingly asking ‘what do I make with my choices?’ and ‘what do my decisions put their weight behind?’ And importantly people are asking ‘what does this brand have to do with climate change?’ There is a marked increase in scrutiny. We are past the era of a one off marketing campaign to address […]

Seeding Change – Generative Brands and New Possibilities.

In my last post I talked about deflating sustainability. Sometimes there are terms we cling to that no longer serve the purpose they once did. So what should we be focusing on? Today I want to touch on some exciting developments on precisely that front.  Generative practice has been building momentum somewhere off shore for […]

Deflating Sustainability. 

After a beautiful blue summer break you and I are asking, so where to now? It is our cultural inheritance; eat loads, head to the beach then wonder what the new year will hold. After shaking the sand off the towel without covering loved ones, deflating the flamingo before getting in the car we’re feeling […]