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I love talking, listening, finding out what matters, wild beach walks and seeing lives transformed by purpose & passion.

A guide...

I am here, I know what is happening for you and I have a plan and the credentials to guide you out of this.

You are in a battle for your future. Where you are right now is where wars are won and lost.

If you decide to step forward out of the frozen doorway of indecision and into the next chapter of your life, you will need some weaponry.

Forbes Business review says poor communication is the silent killer to business.

A well resolved message and a communication framework that speaks the language that sells will protect you from the greatest threat to your future, confusion.

The transformational brand system is what you need at your side so you can step forward and be heard and be wildly successful.

You will need a clear brand message. All the best leaders have them. But until now you did not have at your fingertips the tools you needed.

Hello, my name is Heera and I am pleased to meet you.


People trust the Transformational Brand System,
built by an award winning designer and communication researcher who has helped national and global brands
resolve their message and communicate simply.


Stop everything you are doing right now and just do this project.

I wish I had connected with Heera much earlier. I can now take the business to where it deserves to go.


I feel completely in love with my brand. It has come alive. I feel empowered.

I never thought doing branding work could possibly be fun, my brain used to melt. This project was so much fun! There was laughter, and through that the brand made itself.


This was an amazing experience!

This enabled me to understand my brand and get to the heart and passion of it while providing the tools to communicate it to my audience, and do it myself. 


Do it, and do it now. Work with this woman! She is amazing.

She changed the way I thought about my brand in such a short space of time. I am inspired. I can see it as an awesome power house of energy and raw, wonderful potential! 


women just like you are saying yes
to a more financially secure future
and to become the leaders
in their field they ought to be